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Fancy footwork

To ensure the best result and longevity of your flooring, several factors need to be considered.


If installing in a basement or bathroom, chose flooring suited to a high or medium-moisture environment, such as tiles or concrete.

Installation is the hidden cost in flooring, so don’t forget to factor it into your budget.

DIY installation can halve the cost of flooring, but repairs to incorrect work can be expensive.

If you have pets or kids, or someone in the house wears heels a lot? Then you need to consider:
Concrete - highly durable and great looking when polished or coloured.
Natural stone - especially ideal for high-moisture areas.
Bamboo - a highly durable and long-lasting material, which can rate as hard as Brazilian cherry and teak.
Resilient or vinyl flooring - laboratory-engineered to last for a very long time.
Ceramic and porcelain - durable against scratches and spills, but prone to cracking when heavy objects are dropped.
Laminate flooring - surprisingly scratch-resistant, but less resistant to moisture.
Solid hardwood flooring - tends to scratch, but can be restored to perfect condition when required.