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Hunting retro

Retro is one of the new moderns, but it won’t always be. The key to embracing any given trend, without it resulting in headaches when trends change, is to concentrate on the accessories.

If the current retro-trend is the 1960s, don’t go covering the lounge in paisley wallpaper with a matching bright orange and yellow floral carpet. Stick with a standard or neutral pattern, and add a lava lamp and a psychedelic painting or two. Instead of retro carpet, opt for a timeless one, and add a retro rug.

If you like to change your look every few years, but need to consider your budget, look for furniture, such as chairs and sofas, that are easy to DIY recover.

TradeMe is a great source for affordable on-line retro items, and your local neighbourhood is an excellent hunting ground. Hit the regular weekend markets, keep an eye out for occasional markets, check out Christmas fetes at local schools, and visit the garage sales for great retro items, often at ridiculously low prices.