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Love linen

Linen is Versatile

Its intrinsic ecological and aesthetic qualities simply make it hard to fault.

Fine gauze curtaining or a shabby chic vintage drape, graceful puddling or richly textured, coloured upholstery- the options are endless. Whether it’s a relaxed or contemporary look, linen has you covered.

Living with Linen is beneficial

It has great air permeability, is a natural temperature regulator, is able to absorb and release moisture, non-static, non-allergenic, lint free, contains natural silica for longevity and is highly durable.

Linen is environmentally friendly

From field to fabric it is a sustainable fabric for the future.

Stemming from the flax plant, it requires no chemicals or irrigation to grow. Every part of the plant is used so there is zero wastage and is 100% biodegradable. The environmental impact of spinning and weaving is low and production energy usage is constantly reducing.

The long silky fibre gives linen its beautiful weight, lustre, tensile strength and natural durability. This makes linen a premium, versatile and eco-friendly option for curtaining and upholstery.

From Martha’s Linen