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Tips to make your home look fabulous

Less is more
Regardless of whether the budget is generous or limited - less is more. Choose a few exceptional pieces and don’t clutter a space.

Spend time collating your ideas and vision
Create a scrapbook of interior design images that appeal to you, so your designer has an idea of the style you like. If not using a professional, this process will ensure consistent style throughout your home.

Plan your indoor and outdoor flow
Make sure you plan at concept stage. Create a cohesion between your indoor and outdoor areas, whether it be materials, tone or texture.

Separate your space
Separate your areas for adult and child activities, as this is essential for happy cohesive living.

Create effective lighting
A good lighting plan is integral to performing tasks and creating good ambience. Make sure your working areas are well lit, and use ambient lighting in other living areas. Don’t dismiss the idea of working with an expert - they’re worth it.

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