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Creating lovely landscapes

If you are needing a few ideas for freshening up your garden this spring, look no further than these top tips for creating modern, functional landscapes.

Sharp contrasts
Contrasts in colour, form and texture can really modernise a garden. Why not try black garden mulch around striking green flax or next to crisp white garden pavers? Coloured mulch not only helps to prevent weeds and keep soils cool, it will give your garden a designer edge.

Bold colours
Colour is the easiest way to create a theme in your garden. Using different flowers and plants with similar hues will bring a natural cohesion to your yard. Sticking to a colour palette not only brings unity to your outdoor spaces, it saves on decision-making time when out shopping for plants.

Focal point
Creating a focal point in your garden will draw the eye towards the part of your garden you want to highlight, while also helping distract wandering eyes from the ’still to be finished’ areas. Objects or plants can be the focus. Try a rusty old bike on a bed of red mulch with Tumbling Tom tomatoes falling from it’s basket.

From Marion Kleinsmith, Goodwood NZ