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Tips for tiles

When renovating a kitchen or bathroom, tiles add a splash of colour and provide a durable surface to last many years.

Consider these tips before choosing tiles:

◇ Tiles can make small rooms seem cluttered and too busy, and can get lost in large rooms.

◇ Planks tile are growing in popularity, as they achieve a timber look without the wear and tear or maintenance requirements of a real timber floor.

◇ Basalt, marble, and granite create an elegant look that never dates.

◇ You get what you pay for - cheap tiles are cheap for a reason.

◇ You need a good substrate - if the wall has a bow in it, the tiles will also bow.

◇ Use a tile system - stick to one brand of grout, silicone and waterproofing products. Products from different manufacturers may not be compatible.

◇ Hire a good tiler - ask around for recommendations.

◇ Greys and neutrals are the safest options for grout colours - creative colours don’t work, and are harder to clean.

◇ Keep tiles clean with warm soapy water on a regular basis.

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