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Fabulous foliage

You can develop a garden that provides interest throughout the year by using plants with interesting and different foliage textures, colours and forms.

Foliage is key. Try to plant contrasting textures, forms and colours side by side. Group plant for best effect and layer the plantings with differing heights. If everything is the same height it is boring.

Include grass like textures like lomandra, carex, astelia, flaxes, palms, variegated agapanthus and libbertia goldfingers.

Combine these with shrubs like coprosma scarlet o’hara, nandina gulf stream, pittosporum golf ball or the ever-popular loropetalum plum delight. They only need the occasional trim to keep them neat and the red foliage is very attractive.

Leucodenedrons and grevilleas also give long-term colour and are very easy care.

Cover the ground with low slung and creeping plants, which will help to keep the weeds down.

Backbone plant with greens and reds. If you want to highlight an area, plant something with yellow foliage.

Keep it simple and repeat plant for best effect.

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