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Drape decisions

Fabric types, colours, plain or print, pleats, gathers, folds, ready-made or custom-made? So many curtain decisions. And what about pleats? French, Dutch, inverted, single, double or triple pinch, pencil - the list goes on.

Curtains can make or break a room, and there are many things to consider in getting it right. Your best friend will be a consultant, or Google.

Fabric should be your first decision, because the material will determine how well your curtains hold up over time, how functional they’ll be, and could also narrow down your pleat options - you can’t convincingly triple-pleat lace.

Other considerations are:

◇ Linings - do you want heavy or light, white or coloured, regular or blackout?

◇ Length - how high above the window do you want the curtains to begin? How far below the sill or above the floor do you want them to hang?

◇ Colours and designs - try a sample piece at least two metres wide in the room to see how it will look.

◇ Off-the-shelf or custom-made - custom-made will usually give a better fit, but at greater expense.