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Planning a beautiful bathroom

Things to consider at the beginning of your project and factor in early on in the planning process.

◇ Allow delivery time for products and installation schedules.

◇ Some works may require a permit, allow for application and approval time.

◇ The service supply of water pipes and drainage will be a determinant of the bathroom layout.

◇ Installation of proper moisture extraction and efficient ventilation.

◇ Niches, they seem a small detail but play an important role in the function of a modern shower and bathroom, keeping bottles from cluttering the shower base or a convenient foot rest shaving shelf. They are part of the early planning stages.

◇ When choosing a heat source - The installation of an underfloor heating system. Heated towel rails require timber fixing points and electrical supply.

◇ Mirrors should be considered early on as part of an overall harmonious composition with the vanity, basin and other details and to create the illusion of a larger space in smaller bathrooms.

◇ Lighting, whether aesthetic or functional, the type and location will need to be determined early on.

◇ As part of the layout and construction process, storage options and design are an important feature.

◇ If tiling, it’s worth spending the extra to have walls properly prepared by straightening timbers to remove lumps, giving an even and lasting finish.

◇ When installing a rain shower or certain shower hoses, bear in mind the size and capacity of the hot water cylinder to supply a higher volume of water.

◇ The project must be managed efficiently ensuring all trades are scheduled to minimise the time and inconvenience of being without the use of your bathroom.

By Maxine Young, Manro