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Nourish your soul with art

Art is like a box of chocolates to me. Shall I open it and indulge in bursts of colours that feed my soul? Certainly! Here’s a few easy steps that might inspire you to choose your perfect artwork.

Step 1: Connection. It’s all about connection. Art is emotional and personal, so go with your first gut instinct rather than your intellect. The first one that grabs you will be the one! 

Step 2: Nourish your Soul. Go for your inner instinct when purchasing an artwork - the one that makes you smile and feel good inside instead of focusing on the price and size.

Step 3: Colours are Emotions. Choose the colours that uplift your mood. Finding a perfect spot for your artwork sometimes requires little interior changes too. One of my clients was so excited with her purchase that she bought a new couch in lime colour to compliment her artwork and even painted her front door - lime of course!

- By Mira Corbova, Curator and Owner of The Art Lounge NZ Fine Art Gallery.

Mira Corbova