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Soaking secrets

Buying new bathware can be a daunting prospect, with a huge variety out there to choose from, but if you’re looking for durability, good heat retention and easy cleaning you can’t go past stone composite bathware.

The beauty of stone is that it will last for years. It’s extremely strong and durable, meaning that it won’t crack like a cheap acrylic bath might.

Baths made from natural materials such as reconstituted stone composite, marble and quartz will hold water temperature for longer than acrylic baths, allowing you to soak in the bath for just that little bit longer.

The special blend of resin and polymers mixed with natural marble creates a material which is warmer to touch and lighter than natural stone.

It also helps to form an impenetrable barrier to liquids, making it resistant to staining, heat and chemicals. You can use anything from water and soap, to Jif, to Epsom salts, or any chemicals – whatever your lifestyle and requirements.

And of course there’s nothing like the sensational feel of bathing in stone.

Remember that baths and sinks become the focal point of your bathroom. You use these pieces every day, so make them special.

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