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Velvet crush

Velvet is contemporary, classic and timeless –  it’s for that reason velvet is currently very on trend worldwide.  Interior velvets feature in curtaining, upholstered furniture, bed heads, cushions and lampshades.

The dense three dimension of velvet is it’s uniqueness, gives it luxurious appeal and depth of colour and a complexity that cannot be achieved with any other fabric.

Velvet is interactive - engaging the senses, encouraging touch to reveal the light reflection, colour complexity and soft feel. Sitting on a velvet piece is immersing oneself in pure pleasure and comfort!

Velvet has been in production for 4000 years and over time has become a highly technical, highly desirable, high quality fabric. It is produced to out perform any other fabric. Because of its pile construction it stacks up excellently in abrasion testing but also like any good leather, the patina of velvet also looks better with age. The stain resistant and pile resilient finishes all add to the easy care and durability of velvet.

It can be made from natural fibres or synthetics, allowing the use of velvet to become a viable, hard wearing fabric for every environment from royalty to domestic to high use commercial and outdoor use –  its limitless!