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Landscaping design

Get the experts involved – As cliche as it sounds it is worth the investment of seeking landscape advice as the right look creates impact and adds value to your property.

Done well, it becomes your dream outdoor space.

Landscape/concept plans – If you are looking at a larger project it is worth looking at the possibility of getting concept drawings or full landscape plans completed. These are a great tool for ensuring you follow a plan to achieve the desired results.

Keep a ‘look book’ – Get inspired! Do your research and gather garden ideas and pictures, and cut outs from magazines of what you like.

Budget – Plan out your strategy and budget for your landscaping. What’s your budget? Are you going do all the work at once or in stages, are you going to do the landscaping yourself or hire a landscape professional to help you?

Other considerations:

Planting – It’s not just about putting plants in the ground. It’s about planting appropriately, looking at plant types, colour options, planting growth and planting shapes. Choose plants appropriate for how much sun and shade different parts of your garden receive during the day.

Time – Think about how much time you want to spend in your garden and the ongoing upkeep and maintenance

Style – Look at what areas you want to create in your garden i.e. entrance area, entertainment and comfort areas. It’s important there is a consistent style and theme in all areas of the landscape and that it flows.

Lawn – Think about your lawn options. Turf is a special garden feature so use it wisely.

Add-ons – Look to install a water irrigation system and possible outdoor lighting – these enhance the garden.

And finally, your outdoor space should be an extension and enhancement of your interior and exterior home style, but most importantly it should reflect your lifestyle and your personal taste.

From Hamish Brooks Landscapes