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Sitting on the shelf

Top tips for styling your shelves

Not just for books. Shelves are great for showing off personal items, collections, curios and unusual keepsakes. Mix these in with your books to make your shelves more interesting.

Story telling. Group together objects to a theme or genre like travel or vintage to tell a story.

Odd numbers. Try pairings of three, five and seven within a vignette to create balance and harmony.

Layer with texture. Using a number of different textures across your shelves will add depth and interest. A mix of reflective and shiny, a little bit of timber, rustic and woven, all look great grouped together.

Short and tall. Items of different heights will give the eye something interesting to follow. Use an imaginary triangle when grouping objects together with taller at the back and shorter towards the front.

Colour it up. A collection of books and objects in the same colour can a splash of interest.