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Nothing says ‘family time’ like a swimming pool in your own backyard.

And with three kids under five, Welcome Bay couple Danielle and Rodney knew installing a pool would be an investment they’ll enjoy for years to come.

“From my own experience as a child, I knew that swimming pools are awesome and a great space for families to enjoy and spend time together,” Danielle explains.

The couple engaged Tauranga swimming pool experts Del Tutto to construct an 8m x 4m mineral water pool in their backyard, and hired Zones Landscaping to reshape their surrounding 730m² section.

The result is a stunning outdoor entertainment area that any family would be proud of.
NZ Master Pool Builders Del Tutto specialise in spray-concrete pools that form a solid structure without any joins.

“We really wanted to go with a concrete pool versus a drop in one because we could choose the exact size and depth, and could decide on all the spec’s to make it fit our space,” Danielle explains.

Of the three different plaster finishes available, the family chose hydrazzo – a crushed marble that’s polished to create a super smooth surface. Isaac Giacon from Del Tutto says a wide range of colour choices are available and the family opted for light grey so the resulting water colour would complement the nearby estuary and blend into the natural environment.

Spray concrete is “by far the best method for building swimming pools,” Isaac explains, as it allows complete flexibility so a pool can work on any property.

Danielle and Rodney wanted a mineral water pool because it’s gentle on the skin.

“There are many more options available to clients these days for keeping the water in top condition,” Isaac says. “Most automated chlorination systems maintain chlorine at a set limit. With an automated system, it’s much better for your skin because you don’t get big fluctuations in chlorine levels you do with manual dosing. Rodney and Danielle chose a mineral system that uses a magnesium-enriched blend of pool salt, so it’s really nice water to swim in.”

Danielle says Del Tutto helped design the interior layout of the pool, suggesting a wide entry step to allow plenty of room for their children to play before the depth increased.

“We just love the high quality pool finish that we’ve got and everyone who comes around just thinks it’s amazing,” Danielle says.

“Isaac made some really helpful suggestions along the way especially with our interior pool tiles and the equipment we’ve chosen to put in our pump shed.”

The surrounding garapa decking and outdoor living area was designed by Nichola Vague from Zones Landscaping.

Employing a landscape architect such as Nichola is one of Rodney’s top tips for homeowners who wish to embark on a similar project.

“If it’s going to be a pool project as well as a lot of hardscaping, then a landscape architect is really important. It’s not just where your plants are going to go, it’s all the civil stuff that’s involved. You need someone who knows what they’re doing, and who can help you develop an overall plan,” Rodney says.
“Nichola did an awesome job. She was amazing and very professional. We now have really good outdoor living and flow,” he says.

With more than 25 years’ experience as a landscape architect in New Zealand and the Middle East, Nichola embraced the challenge of developing and building a contemporary family garden with a subtropical vibe that respected the extensive estuary views.

She worked with Danielle and Rodney to develop an overall materials palette and landscape style and oversaw the installation of macrocarpa fencing, 800 x 800 concrete pavers, extensive decking, and feature plants such as Pitt Island Nikau palms and beautiful bromeliads (Alacantera imperialis rubra).

“I feel the timber works have made the biggest impact on the property and in particular the pool deck with the raised platform that conceals the pool cover. I am also proud of the raised planter with built-in seating and planting that over time will improve as a backdrop to the main outdoor living space.”

To finish everything off, Danielle says glass fencing has been installed around all four sides of the pool to enhance the visual impact from the house and maintain the uninterrupted estuary view.

“We just love the space that we’ve created and how we can use it together as a family and make memories. I know how many hours we are going to spend here. It’s like having a playground at your house.”