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The right kind of Reno

Renovating to ‘Sell or Stay’. Is it really any different?

I would say yes and no, as the budget is always the main factor for either project. Knowing where to spend your money to get the biggest bang for your buck is the key when selling, which can differ when renovating your own home – as this will always be more subjective to how you would like to live.

Key areas to highlight
When selling, kitchens, bathrooms and master bedrooms are always winners for a buyer. However, for your own home you may be happy with just freshening up the bathroom or kitchen and using the remainder of that budget on an outdoor entertaining area or a pool for the family.

When it comes to your own renovation the key has to be keeping it in an investment range that means you aren’t a slave to paying it off!

Keeping your renovation neutral if you are looking to sell is still the right decision to make – regardless of what some popular TV renovation shows will tell you.

Neutral colours
Colour is fantastic but only when done well and generally under the supervision of a professional colour consultant to make sure you get the ‘Wow’ factor not the ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa’ response. A buyer needs to see the house as their new home. Keep in mind that colour is emotive and will not suit everyone, therefore doing what you think is great may just turn a potential buyer straight back out the door!

Letting light in to your home is the ultimate starting point. Although trees are lovely, if they make your home dark no amount of white paint on the walls will brighten up the space. When you have plenty of light it not only makes the room feel bigger and warmer but also allows you to move in to deeper more moody palettes.

However, neutral doesn’t have to be white-on-white or boring, there are beautiful colour palettes just off to the side in stony colours, caramels and greys. Don’t be afraid to add features and layers of textures to these neutral colours but just make sure you aren’t too bold on the items that are expensive to change for a buyer should they not like what you have done.

Bang for your buck
Painting is the biggest bang for buck and will transform a home instantly. Get stuck in here and do everything, mask up and prep areas to make sure you get the best result possible or if you are not capable or confident, getting in the professionals is worth every penny!

Be careful with your spend in the area of kitchen and bathrooms, unless the property is in an area that will return you the money for stone bench tops and top-of-the-line fitouts, the range of products now available will produce an amazing result and allow you to do more elsewhere as well.

Like I always say: Don’t be afraid to spend the money on the professional to get the parts of the job right that you don’t feel 100 per cent sure on. Staying or going, this will be the best money you will spend on your renovation for sure.

Remember to have fun!

Justine Mclachlan – The Independent Design Co