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Outstanding design

If you’re building from scratch, it’s easy to get swept up in quick turn-around spec houses, but will that be the best home for you? Fowler... Keep reading »

Black, white + colour

From dealing every day with people who are building, renovating, and redecorating there is a strong pattern appearing: black and white and all the shades... Keep reading »

Millennial tiny house

The idea of little houses grew out of a fascination with small spaces for interior architectural designer and Build Tiny director Gina Stevens. “I’ve... Keep reading »

Sitting in Style

She saw the potential, however, and 12 months later she has a new deck complete with a built-in bench seat - and it has effectively added another room... Keep reading »

From scrapyard to backyard

Tauranga builder and artist Hagen Lemmer has tapped into the Kiwi love affair with outdoor fires by creating one-off outdoor fireplaces, or braziers,... Keep reading »

DIY with the right tools

"They all had a very, very blue kitchen, the same layout and that fake-marble laminated benchtop look," says Cilla. "I never liked it." A huge DIY project... Keep reading »

Retro reno

While the structure of the house is exactly the same as it was when Jo and her former husband bought the house together 17 years ago, she has recently... Keep reading »

Real heart in a special house

Hilary Revfeim’s family has owned the historic house and property, now reduced to 2 acres from its original 23 acres, since 1939. The house, originally... Keep reading »

Furnished with love

Grant Furniss and Paul Tanner, owners of Contemporary Classics in Mount Maunganui, own a "kitset Canadian" home in a quiet cul-de-sac near the beach at... Keep reading »

Country cabin conversion

Nine months after buying a "completely unliveable" 1960s house, the young Athenree couple have turned it into a cosy Canadian-style country cabin with... Keep reading »

Bringing Bali to the backyard

’The harsh seaside environment of their first home never really lent itself to a lush, green garden but when they moved inland slightly a few years... Keep reading »

Setting the tone

Shades from marine blue, aquamarine, teal, and any other combination of blue-green, yellow and burgundy were everywhere in the early 1990s, including... Keep reading »

How do you choose a landscape designer

As a client, you need to define what it is you wish to achieve - and include as much detail as possible. When choosing a professional landscape designer... Keep reading »

Design with furniture in mind

While it’s not the usual way most people plan a house, Build Style Developments owner Jason Ponder and Reuben Anderson along with Contemporary Classics... Keep reading »