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A fabulous facelift

Kym and Adrian bought their Welcome Bay home just over five years ago. The character of the 1950s stucco house with its old wooden floorboards, along with its water views, won them over.

“It was pretty neglected though, and the interior needed some serious renovation,” says Kym.

“The living area had been revamped in the late 80s, so the basic open-plan layout was great but it had ugly, salmon pink venetian blinds and sage green painted walls over layers of anaglypta wallpaper. It was all very, very tired.”

They worked their way through, bit by bit, stripping off decades of paint and wallpaper, replastering and painting, putting in new ceiling mounted LED lights throughout, hanging new drapes, installing a heatpump and even replacing some floorboards.

“And lots of other things!” adds Kym.

They already started looking at a kitchen facelift and had even chosen finishes and the benchtop when the roof gave up on them. All of their hard work on the interior was at risk of being ruined over the coming winter thanks to a leaky roof.

“We put the kitchen on hold and redid the entire roof and guttering, along with all the trusses that had to be unexpectedly replaced,” she says. “But let’s not talk about that!”

Finally it was time to turn their attention and resources back to the kitchen. They contacted the same company - Facelift Kitchens - and got Mark Davis and his team back on board.

“Mark was incredibly helpful, with great advice and suggestions to help us turn what we had envisaged into reality,” says Kym.

The bones of the kitchen were basically sound and the layout worked well, so a makeover was the perfect answer.

“We had already added modern handles to the existing cupboard fronts, a new dishwasher and a 900cm-wide stove with a rangehood, so we wanted the revamp to incorporate some of the modern luxuries like wide soft close drawers and more functional cupboard spaces,” says Kym.

“Mark recommended the ways and means to do it all and nothing was ever a problem. He even managed to find space to incorporate a rubbish/recycling cupboard for us.”

The old pantry had full-length bifolds and it was cumbersome to access the deep bottom shelves, so the area was split with doors above and drawers below.

“It’s amazing now,” she admits.

A corner under-bench cupboard incorporates a ‘magic shelf’ that retracts with the door and houses pots and pans.

“It’s one of my favourite things,” says Kym.

All cupboard and drawer fronts were replaced with a coloured Melteca - a shade slightly darker than the wall colour - along with a new sink unit and waste disposal and a colour-matched glass splashback.

The old kitchen was then completely pulled out of its 80s time warp with a new fabricated stone overlay bench top, which looks like a thick, white solid stone top. Handcrafted, it sits over the top of the old benchtop.

“It has flecks through it which match the wall colour and the grey of the stainless steel appliances, so it blends in perfectly,” says Kym.

Kym and Adrian are extremely happy with their new kitchen and the expert workmanship from the team at Facelift Kitchens.

“The Facelift guys were amazing,” says Kym. “They were very particular and exact about every aspect of the job and their workmanship is superb. The results speak for themselves.”

As Mark Davis said to Adrian the first time they met for the initial consultation: “A happy wife means a happy life, Adrian.”

And they are indeed both happy customers.